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About Us

45 Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence
With Quality At It’s Best!

Mamta Craft has been an organisation that has managed to run in the big leagues in the industry of garments. With an accumulative experience of 50+ years, the organisation has the best of experience and talent to serve you.

Initially started by Mr. Brij Bhushan Girotra, the company has been in the clan for years now. With the expertise of the father, the sons (Mr. Rajesh Girotra, Mr. Anil Girotra, Mr. Rakesh Girotra, Mr. Naveen Girotra) paved their way to the top. With a variety of experimentation and hit&trial, the organisation promises to give you the best results at minimal cost, making it highly affordable and trustworthy. With the 3rd generation of the family being the newest joinees, we are bound to bring changes that will drive the force in a more digital yet beneficial space.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!


For every garment need, Mamta Craft has a solution. With the latest technology, we are equipped with the best embroidery, printing and perc machinery.

Industrial Chemical

Being a loyal consumer of perchloroethylene, we now cater to the needs of industries like garment, laundry, steel&metal and many more.

Sports & Shoes

With perchloroethylene as the primary solvent, it is also used as a cleanser in the manufacturing of PU Soles, which are used in the sports industry.

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